The Blood Age Analysis will be available from 1st of June 2024

You need to get a blood test before you can continue with the BloodAge analysis.

You have two options for getting the blood tests:

1. Ask your GP

The biomarkers needed for the BloodAge analysis are included in typical blood test requested by your medical practitioner (e.g. your GP). You could discuss your desire to engage in preventative healthcare and ask if they would be willing to assist you with some blood tests. These could typically be once a year or more frequently if you are addressing a specific medical condition.

Which biomarkers are included?

The BloodAge Analysis can analyse up to 54 biomarkers. You need at least 30 biomarkers for a valid test. Some of the biomarkers are required for the report on organ health. They are marked with an asterix *.

Download a list of required biomarkers

2. Order the blood test from i-Screen

If you are not able to get the blood tests from your medical doctor. You can order the blood test directly from a company called i-Screen. This is a link to the test:

The cost of the BloodAge Panel from i-Screen is $165.

Next step

  • You then share the results of the blood test with your practitioner of choice.
  • If your current healthcare practitioner is not familiar with the BloodAge test, please ask them to contact us.
  • You can also look for a practitioner in your area.

Healthcare practitioner directory

You need to organise the blood tests in your own country. The scanned blood test results are then uploaded by your healthcare practitioner to the Ageing Clocks portal. Once the BloodAge analysis has been completed, your practitioner will get a notification that the analysis is available for download from the portal. Your healthcare practitioner will then share the report with you and devise a strategy to improve your healthspan and longevity. Please ask your healthcare practitioner to contact us for further information.